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Building The Hype: Canzo Empyrean

Journey with me
Into the mind of a maniac
Doomed to be a killer
Since I came out the nutsack
I’m in a murderous mindstate
With a heart full of terror
I see the devil in the mirror

Dr. Dre & Ice Cube, Natural Born Killaz

Breaking News

OK now that I’ve got your attention, let me just say that this is probably the single most disturbing piece of video that I’ve ever watched in my life… and if the move’s only half as good at the trailer, then it is destine to become an instant cult classic.

Produced by Justin Fornal (Fornal Films LLC) under the alias of “The Chancellor” this looks to be one of the most intriguing independent films ever. Pitting the 80’s cartoon villains Destro and Zartan against each other in an apparent struggle over what I can only speculate to call; “Philosophy of the Hot Tub” vs. “The Specter’s Citrus Blue”. I can only guess as to where the “AIDS cure” comes into play, but I’m under the impression that one of the side effects to Citrus Blue is that it makes the body uninhabitable to the AIDS virus and somehow causes the break down of society, leaving the President no other choice than to suspend the Federal Government’s responsibility for the safety of it’s citizens…

I’ll be interested in seeing exactly how all of this comes to play out, but for now I’ll just have to be content to watch the movie trailer (over and over again) until such time as I am able to report anything about the release and distribution of this movie.

Canzo Empyrean Extended Trailer

Q: So they say you’re the greatest killer of all time?

A: Well…

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