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Quick Tip: John’s Background Switcher

If you’re like me, you like having kool looking backgrounds on your laptop but hate taking the time to decide on witch one you want to use, and absolutely deplore having to take the time to actually change your wallpaper.

Well today is your lucky day!

John’s Background Switcher is the answer to all your background related dilemmas. A quiet little program that just sits in your system tray and randomly changes your wallpaper for you at an interval that you specify and from a source that you select: choose from a folder on your machine, Flickr, Smugmug, Phanfare and more.

This little utility is provided to you totally free from its creator John Conners (no not the kid from the Terminator, that’s John Connor you fool) however as with most free wares he does accept donations. so if you like what you getting, show him a little love!

Just not feeling the pic that JBS selected as your background and don‘t feel like waiting for the next time it‘s supposed to change? Just give the icon in your system tray a good ol’ double click and presto: new background! Have fun!

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